How can the CIPD better reflect the views of its members?

There is an interesting debate on the CIPD members LinkedIn group which was started as a debate about the most significant area for HR to tackle this year. To an extent, this has evolved into a debate surrounding the CIPD itself which has sparked my interest in what initiatives CIPD members would like the institute to implement in order to more accurately reflect their own views.
  • Steve Bridger

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    15 Jan, 2013 11:01

    Hi Michael,

    The topic comes up regularly, and as Gareth Jones said on that thread - has been raised continuously for the past 25 years. That's perfectly valid - but the way you've phrased the 'question' supposes that CIPD does not "accurately reflect [members'] own views", which is a bit of a generalisation to say the least.

    For the benefit of others, this is the thread on the LinkedIn group for CIPD members:


    My colleague Johanna Ratcliffe also posted this link to (new CEO) Peter Cheese's statement in November, and Rob Blevin has also commented on the debate.


  • I don't think it is a generalisation at all. We are all professionals with the ability to critique the role of the CIPD. If people think it is absolutely perfect they are perfectly free to say so and their view will be respected. I am not trying to orchestrate some sort of attack as I think the institute does an excellent job of raising the profile of HR, but I do think some things could be improved such as the way in which new people are attracted into the profession and how we deal with the competencies of young people entering the jobs market. 

    With the recent appointment of Peter Cheese surely now is the ideal time to have this debate so that we as members can, to an extent, shape the views of those at the top. 


  • Steve Bridger

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    15 Jan, 2013 11:41

    In reply to Michael:

    Michael - I wasn't saying that *at all* (apart from the generalisation bit).
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