The brave world of requesting feedback on HR service provision

Hi there

I'm interested to know if anyone has been involved with submitting a survey to internal stakeholders on feedback on the HR service?

What were the key areas you covered in regard to HR service? i.e. operational/transactional/strategic/all areas? 

Did you target specific groups in your organisation i.e. Managers, staff, HR, snr management, all staff? If so, why? Did you adapt your survey to cater to these target groups?

Was there any issues with regard to your survey?

Do you have any pointers on what to be aware of?

Did you gather stakeholder feedback in another more creative way?

Has anyone used the CIPD Profession Map as a basis for questions?

Thanks all


  • Harvey Bennett

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    2 May, 2013 20:03

    Angela, I have helped design/customise HR dept feedback surveys and elicited, online, useful data for continuous improvement.If you PM me I can provide yohu with client observations about the process and how the data was used. Harvey
  • David Perry

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    3 May, 2013 15:03

    I see little point in asking questions designed by HR.  Its self serving and may well miss what is important to 'the customer' - 'Them!!


    So using Kelly's Constructs, you simply ask on a form something along the lines of :-

    a) List in order of importance the 6 services you use/get or whatever from HR

    b) Now, rate those  services in order of satisfaction 1= crap, 5= brilliant  


    All you need is a form with six spaces along the top for categories they enter

    And a grid underneath so they can score each category.


    After all there's no point in you listing things you think you do brilliantly or poorly but which others in the company have absolutely no view on at all or place no importance to. 

  • Thanks both for your responses.


  • Harvey Bennett

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    3 May, 2013 15:50

    In reply to David Perry:


    However, much depends on what useful data you want to collect in order to tailor and improve the services the HR function currently offers....and maybe find out that there are services that customers want but which you don't provide . And a survey needs to be followed up with face-to-face discussions to explore any issues about performance that may be flagged up, rather than trying to 'second guess' the causes.

    Having then made changes, then follow up after a reasonable 'bedding-in time' with a repeat measurement to assess whether what you have done/changed has had the desired impact from the customers' perspectives.

    Not so simples?

    I have a different viewpoint to David's....but I do go along with the KISS principle he advocates.

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