360 degree feedback

I work for a Housing Association and we are looking at different options of how to do 360 degree feedback on all our managers, around 40 in total, starting with our Exec team and working down.  I know a little about Hay. If you have done 360 degree feedback or know of a good process I'd love to hear from you. Thank you!

  • Megumi

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    9 May, 2013 10:50

    We use a company called t-three who can tailor the 360 feedback to your companies values. It is all done online so it means that how people have rated them can remain anonymous.
  • Megan Peppin

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    9 May, 2013 11:09

    There are many options out there, both bespoke and off the shelf. They all have their place and value but the effectiveness really rests in the what is organisational context for undertaking an intervention of this nature.  How does it fit in with organisational goals, what are you looking to measure and developm, how will people be supported once they have received their feedback, how will you know that your investment is benefiting the organisatoin, and how much are you prepared to invest?

    I did some research that indicated that 360 has the most efficacy when there is a clear set of desired organisational behaviours matched to business goals. 

    Whilst 360 is a tool I have used for many years, and I've used off the shelf and designed them, and seen it work well,  I have unfortunately seen many organisations lacking in preparation, context and future investment.  It can also be a barrier to real conversations.

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