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I work for a Housing Association and we are looking at different options of how to do 360 degree feedback on all our managers, around 40 in total, starting with our Exec team and working down.  I know a little about Hay. If you have done 360 degree feedback or know of a good process I'd love to hear from you. Thank you!

  • Megumi

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    9 May, 2013 10:50

    We use a company called t-three who can tailor the 360 feedback to your companies values. It is all done online so it means that how people have rated them can remain anonymous.
  • Megan Peppin

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    9 May, 2013 11:09

    There are many options out there, both bespoke and off the shelf. They all have their place and value but the effectiveness really rests in the what is organisational context for undertaking an intervention of this nature.  How does it fit in with organisational goals, what are you looking to measure and developm, how will people be supported once they have received their feedback, how will you know that your investment is benefiting the organisatoin, and how much are you prepared to invest?

    I did some research that indicated that 360 has the most efficacy when there is a clear set of desired organisational behaviours matched to business goals. 

    Whilst 360 is a tool I have used for many years, and I've used off the shelf and designed them, and seen it work well,  I have unfortunately seen many organisations lacking in preparation, context and future investment.  It can also be a barrier to real conversations.

  • Anonymous

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    19 Jan, 2017 14:58

    Let me get this straight. Most large organizations simply refuse to provide a reference beyond confirming an individual worked there between specific dates, on the grounds they could lay themselves open to legal action if anything was deemed critical or damaging, in the eyes of the subject. On the other hand, fellow employees are expected - nay REQUIRED - to accept exactly the same risk by providing 360 degree feedback. How does one spell "hypocritical"?
  • Harvey Bennett

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    20 Jan, 2017 15:12

    Hi Emma,

    Megan makes some very good points, stressing the importance of getting the fundamentals in place. I would include ensuring the your Exec have set out very clear reasons for introducing 360, and guidelines on how the feedback will be used, confidentiality guarantees, and who will see the final feedback reports.

    There is also a question about the content/design of the feedback survey questionnaire(s) to be used. The survey development process will benefit from involving managers in the design of the questionnaire to assist with "buy in" to the 360 process so that it isn't seen solely as an HR initiative but has management ownership.

    You should also consider the benefits of running staff briefing sessions in advance of launch so that potential reviewers understand the process and its objectives, and have some guidelines about giving feedback (both negative and positive) in a helpful way.

    The actual process of running surveys and collecting feedback needs to be user-friendly, and there are many software solutions. If potential reviewers don't have access to the internet, you need to check whether feedback can be collected via paper-based questionnaires. You should also check whether the feedback data can be aggregated to provide your Exec with a training needs analysis.

    I run many hundreds of 360 feedback surveys each year and use a webhosted software package to collect online feedback from doctors and their professional colleagues, along with paper questionnaires from their patients. Many organisations outsource the survey administration to reinforce the confidentiality of the process. Provided that there is a good degree of trust within your organisation, you could also purchase bespoke software at reasonable cost (about £700) or buy access to online software, and then you can run surveys at around £80 or less per subject.

    If you'd like some useful guidelines about establishing 360, please Private Message me.


  • Judith

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    25 Jan, 2017 10:32

    In reply to Harvey Bennett:

    Hi Emma
    I've used 360 a lot, and did a lot of work to introduce it to senior managers in my last organisation. I left before the implementation, but I'm told that the quality of the feedback given was poor, very unspecific, few examples given, and breaking all my rules e.g. recommending leadership training without any comment as to why or what this person needed to develop - so as well as all the very relevant points above, I would suggest guidance on giving feedback, good practice and what's not ok. As ever, I think they expected managers to know how and be willing to put the effort in, but it didn't happen. I've never used an off the shelf method (I work in medium sized charities) - I have used paper based and this time the feedback was run through an HR survey monkey account, with HR being responsible for collating the feedback and preparing reports for managers to use.

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