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2 Jun, 2013 19:50

Hi Steve, as you know from this thread:


there appear to be two "official" CIPD pages on Facebook. Is that correct or am I confused? Should I "like" the page you directed me to and remove myself from the other one?


  • Hi Anna,

    The one that you are currently a member of is our original group.

    When Facebook introduced fan pages a few years ago they discouraged companies from having groups. So we set up a fan page for company updates and to share information, but we kept the CIPD group open for the Facebook HR community as there was a demand for it.

    You are welcome to like/join both!

    Kind regards,
    Digital Communications, CIPD

  • Anna

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    3 Jun, 2013 13:48

    Thanks for the clarification Natalia. I never knew about the fan page - probably as I never click through to FB from a CIPD page, and assumed no need to as I was a member of the CIPD group!
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