The CIPD Story - and share your own

Steve Bridger

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18 Jul, 2013 10:25

We need stories more than ever, I reckon. They are the oldest technology we have for making sense of things; we need them to understand the world around us. 

That's what I believe anyhow... and why I like what Peter Cheese - CIPD CEO - has done here - setting out the CIPD vision for the future, using video, and in the form of a story. 

Unfortunately, I'm not able to embed the video in this thread, but you can follow the link below and listen to Peter yourself. The video is 3 minutes long.


You'll hear Peter reflecting on CIPD's past, but he also recognises that we’re in a fast-changing world, so he outlines how CIPD will increase its impact and relevance.

* But we want to hear from you, too.*

Tell us what you think about the CIPD vision, our story. Let us know what makes you proud to be a member and/or part of the profession. What's your own personal highlight as part of this profession?

I guess all employees deserve an explanation of what you are trying to achieve, and a guide for how they can contribute - a story if you like, something that helps them find meaning in their work. It would be good to hear from you if you've articulated this in video (or any other way, frankly), so please do share your own stories below. I'd like to read them.

Thanks very much.



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