Advice on HR in Hospitality Sector

Afternoon all,

After 8 yrs as HRD ina manufacturing company, I have recently resigned for a new role in Hospitality.

I have spent the majority of my career in FMCG, so can talk with ease about Lean manufacturing, Supply Chain management, annualised hours, R&R etc.  I know a lot of what I've done will be transferable, but trying to get ahead of the game - any tips on forums, reports, reading materials etc on HR challenges specific to  the Hospitality sector?

Any pointers would be mightily appreciated:) 





  • Rosemarie

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    16 Aug, 2013 09:09

    You'll probably find turnover and potential visa requirements for workers to be much higher up the agenda than previously, but it will depend on where you are and what part of hospitality!

    If you are going to have a significant number of overseas workers, then do read up on visas, etc, as it's not always an easy topic with its constant changes.

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