Sick pay and working time directive


I was hoping for some advice and guidance on the hotel industry.

I work for an organisation that has three hotels, although the main service we offer isn’t leisure related.

We are hoping to change some of the terms and conditions of our hotel staff.

Our current contract of employment specifies a 39 hour working week we would like to move away from this and if possible opt out of the working time directive all together. I have looked at the WTD but it seems to be about as clear as mud so I was wondering if we are actually able to opt out of the WTD all together due to the nature of the industry. And if we can opt out what if any are the parameters we have to work within?
We currently pay our late duty managers £28 when they ‘sleep in’ the hotel and are on call. Ideally we would like to move away from paying our managers to sleep in. Is it the industry norm to pay managers to sleep in?

Does anyone offer any type of payment for sleep ins? Do we have to pay managers to sleep in?

The sick pay provision is also very favourable our managers are entitled to 6 months sick leave on full pay. I am almost sure that this isn’t the industry standard and wondered if anyone could let me know what is normally offered by hotels in relation to sick pay.  

Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


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