How to be an effective HR Practitioner

Please could you provide me with information on how to be an effective HR Practitioner?


Thank you

  • Steve Bridger

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    31 Oct, 2013 15:18

    Hi Marie - and welcome to the Communities. You can learn a lot by reading through the discussion threads here.

    Anything in particular on your mind?

  • Jacqueline

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    1 Nov, 2013 08:25

    Wow, that is a really wide-ranging question, Marie?  I can't even begin to think how to answer it.

     What prompted you to ask it?  And what are your intial thoughts?

    My first thought is that there are lots of different sorts of HR Practitioners - generalists and specialists and they all require different skills to be effective - for example I'm a Reward and Systems specialist, so I need to be highly numerate to be effective in my role - far more so than your average HR Adviser.  In addition the culture of the organisation a HR Practitioner works in may define what skills the person needs to be effective to a certain extent as well.

    Hope that gets you thinking.


  • Mark

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    1 Nov, 2013 10:22

    Hi Marie

    Maybe start with the CIPD’s HR Profession Map.


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