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Brian Morgan

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2 Dec, 2013 16:08

Hello All,

I work for a technology-based company whose main asset is its knowledge workers. Therefore, I am looking to write a business report that will support a programme that will bring in a culture of change in to our organisation to sustain a:

- reduction in knowledge hugging.

- culture:

- where workers challenge the norm

- that embraces customer-centric-thinking and not ‘just the technology’.

(Obviously, the above list is a high-level outline that will develop during group discovery sessions.)

I would like to contact CIPD colleagues that have been through a similar programme to discuss their success stories and any ‘best-practices’ learnt as a result of such an implementation.

Like many people on this discussion board, I have been through the theory of implementing change using such models as proposed by Kotter, Lewin and Prosci's ADKAR Model, so I am more interested in the actual practicalities of adopting a ‘best-practice’ change programme.

I know my brief above is very broad (and possible vague), however, any feedback on good change management practices would be greatly appreciated!


  • Christine

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    18 Jan, 2014 19:08

    Hi Brian.

    I hope you have managed to come up with ways forward for your project.

    In my experience, it would be important to have a strong theme around building team creativity and innovation in a collaborative learning approach.  Look at the organisation's values and rewards processes - how far do they encourage a team-based culture?

    Perhaps consider ways of introducing peer to peer networking focused on jointly creating new product or service ideas.

    If this can be approached through developing project teams I suggest this would help in breaking down the focus on individual knowledge retention. 

    If you would be interested in discussing different approaches, do get in touch. 

    Best of luck! 

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