i work for a care provider and recently we have found out that an ex manager is poaching our clients is there anything we can do about this?


Thanks in advance 

  • Robey

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    11 Dec, 2013 12:19

    Be a better place to work?

    A trite answer, perhaps, but if your ex-employee is luring your current employees away with offers of more money, better conditions, improved opportunities and/or more competent management, you should probably start by finding out why your employees are so keen to leave and what this other employer is offering that you aren't.

  • Unles you have a non-solicitation clause in your contracts then nothing you can do (apart from taking Robey's advice and try to understand why people are so easy to tempt away).
  • Hi, 


    Thanks for your advice the other employer isnt poaching our staff its our service users that we provide care for.


    but i think the same applies


    thanks for all your advice  

  • Is there any reason why the service users shouldn't / wouldn't be free to choose the provider of the service they use?

  • Robey

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    11 Dec, 2013 16:32

    Not sure this is an HR issue, then, really, except as far as your customers' choices are being led by your own performance and quality.
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