Engaging Staff to complete our Employee Survey


We have an upcoming people survey and I wanted to reach out to see whether anyone had any innovative ways to engage employees to create a 'buzz' about surveys? We of course do the normal email campaign, posters and screensavers, but I am hoping that others may have a few more innovative ways to get people excited about it! We do not want to incentivise the survey though.

Also, just to reiterate, we have the format of the survey already and are happy with interpreting results, it is just the build up we are looking for ideas with!

Thank you in advance

  • Keith

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    Chartered Fellow

    2 Apr, 2014 09:17

    What response rate did you have last year? 
  • Johanna

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    CIPD Staff

    4 Apr, 2014 10:18

    Hi Lea

    People are often worried about confidentiality - (and this can be a blocker to them filling it in) worth re-iterating this point - if indeed the survey is confidential!

  • Suggesting small donation to charity for every completed response - got me a higher response rate the year the government had elections (+60%!)


    Getting demographics right is key otherwise staff are suspicious - be transparent in your communication and commit to follow up.


    Good luck!

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