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Hello Everyone,

I need your help to give an advice for a friend of mine, who used to work as a Program Director at my current firm. He is really a successful person and I kind of appreciate his personality, attitude towards his team members and his understanding work ethics. Unfortunately, he kind of found himself in opposition with our General Manager about certain aspects of work processes and resigned from his job. Since then, he has difficulty in finding job because of the rumors about his resignation, probably because of our GM. He asked my advice for being an HR person and I just suggested him to come to terms with our GM. But he is such an idealist person and does not willing to do that. He is soo  behind his argument and approaching to the GM would mean to concede. On the other hand, our GM is such a nice person and I do not think he would think that way. In addition he used to love and value him a lot. 

 I would be really grateful if you could give me some suggestions as he is married and has one child. In short, he needs a job.

Thank you so much in advance,  



  • Sally Elizabeth

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    19 Jun, 2014 17:26

    Hi Funda.  If he won't help himself by speaking to the GM, clearing the air and getting his good reputation back...then you can't help him.  He is making a rod for his own back.  Nice of you to try though :-)


  • Thank you so much for your comment Ms. Sally.. I will try to persuade him again. 


    Good days:) 

  • Keith

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    20 Jun, 2014 08:28

    He could try having a coffee with a few of the main recruitment agencies in your sector and as well as selling his skills also explain what the falling out was about and why this isnt an issue for a future employer (if it isnt)

    He could try getting a number of ex colleagues to "recommend" him on Linked in and provide a reference on there (not the tick box one but the paragraph) recruiters do look at these.

    The main thing for him to focus on is getting physically in front of people. Therefore he needs to ensure his CV is top quality and that he networks like anything.

    Lots he can do positively. 

  • Those are really good ideas thank you sooo much:))
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