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Steve Bridger

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19 Jun, 2014 15:06


This is an invitation to get involved in taking this community to the next phase of its development.

We’ve made it to the ripe old age of 10, but as many of you will have experienced for yourselves, despite its simply brilliant 'sense of community’ and the peer-to-peer support network you have collectively nurtured… the software platform on which this community is built is throwing up some irritating glitches that sometimes get in the way. Our expectations of technology have also moved on, and the platform cannot support many of the new things we’d wish it could do.

Over recent years, we have asked your opinion on what you think this community does well (things we’d want to protect and build on), and you have been very generous giving your feedback.

For example…

What do you use this community for? (Jan 2014)

What’s good about this Community and how can we improve it? (Nov 2008)

I know there are some things it does less well, or does not do at all.

We are keen to get a group of you together to discuss the next iteration of this community, including the most appropriate way of migrating the most valuable discussions as we transition to whatever-the-new-platform will be. Rest assured, I will keep all of you ‘in the loop’ by way of this, and future discussion threads.

Right now, I am just looking for expressions of interest, and I’ll take it from there.

Thanks for reading… and your continued brilliant support.


Community Manager

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