People Management: Electronic or paper version: Whats your preference?

Today the latest version of people management arrived through the post however to be environmentally friendly and money that could be spent elsewhere on CIPD matters would you rather receive an e-version than paper?

I would like to recommend that the CIPD place on these discussion boards the potential cost savings if all members did not receive a postal copy but received this as a PDF version by email, would you then consider opting out and receiving this electronically? 

What do you do with the paper copy once you have read it once? Goes in the bin ..  

It would be good to feedback your thoughts through to your local CIPD branch to escalate to the membership department to add some weight to the situation and discussion.  

Your thoughts appreciated.

Thank you.  

  • David Perry

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    30 Aug, 2014 14:42

    What would you read in the bath or in the toilet then?
  • Lesley

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    30 Aug, 2014 15:35

    Haha @ David! 

    Normally I'm someone that does everything digitally, but I think there is something about having a paper magazine that just makes it easier to read and digest. I would probably only read a selection of articles if they were in digital format, but I always read cover to cover when my paper copy arrives and I probably find interesting articles I wouldn't bother to read if it was just a headline on an ipad.

    I keep all my copies too - on a shelf in my home office. I actually flick back through them now and again if there's something I remember reading and want to refer back to.

  • David Perry

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    30 Aug, 2014 19:45

    Of course Mark has an interesting comment re environmentally friendly e-version.

    But hang on!!

     All those PC/Macs need precious metals, plastics and so on.  Some of the metals come from Africa where huge uncontrolled environmental damage results from uncontrolled mining in some areas.  Then the various fragments need transporting around the world and processing.  Then more travels around the world to be made and manufactured.  Then around the world again once they've been made to points of sale. (by ships powered by noise/air polluting turbines)

     Then of course they all need powering up.  By electricity of course.  Guess where that comes from?  and so on.  

    And when your device becomes unfashionable (a main cause of scrappage).  It goes off to the tip.  If it gets recycled its off again on more travels.  Probably to china or india where its processed by uncontrolled and polluting methods. Again by ships polluting both the ocean by noise (think whales you all love) and the air by the engines) - oh, and odd oil spillage too.

    Of course you can be a little more environmentally friendly by throwing over the neighbour's hedge where It may sit inert for a few hundred years providing a home to insects, mice and the like. (NB, your neighbour may not approve of course)

    But never mind you were being green.


    Me?  The paper pulp was either produced either in the UK or more likely northern Europe where if I'm lucky it will have been produced by native (norway spruce, scots pine)  I can read it anywhere as long as there's daylight. It'll keep for years in the right conditions without any cost to the environment.

    And when I've finished it, I can either toss it into a hedgerow where in a couple of years it will have started to break down and return to the soil.  Or, more likely I'll recycle it in our green bin, where it'll get recycled in the UK. 

  • Liz

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    1 Sep, 2014 08:47

    I'd love an electronic version of People Management, but it's not compatible with Windows Phone yet so I'll continue to read my paper version and add it to the recycling box when I'm done.


  • Laura

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    1 Sep, 2014 09:06

    I prefer the hard copy, I think an electronic version would just get lost and abandoned in the midst of the hundreds of other emails that come through to me! After I read it, I pass it on to a colleague for her to read, then it goes in our recycling bin.
  • Steve Bridger

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    1 Sep, 2014 09:29

    Laura makes a good point re sharing a hard copy.

    It's about offering choice, and I think we must all trust that publishers have their fingers very much on the pulse with how preferences are changing.

    Liz... I read the iPad version, but pick up a hard copy from time to time, too :)

  • Anna

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    1 Sep, 2014 10:18

    Personally I'd welcome a pdf version (but not one of those annoying online magazine efforts).

    I have visual problems which mean I can only read the print PM when I have the right pair of glasses with me - which I often don't so I forget...

    In a spirit of inclusiveness, it would be nice if we could opt into a pdf version (sorry, don't have an iphone because of the same visual problems).


  • Judy Williams

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    1 Sep, 2014 13:55

    I remember when I used to receive a paper copy of the rival Personnel Today as well as People Management and I read both, cover to cover, every issue.  Then PT went digital only some years ago.  I signed up and am still receiving it electronically.  Do I read it?  Unfortunately not - perhaps once or twice a year.  I just delete it with all the other random stuff that I don't get around to reading.  Personnel Today just fell off my radar when it went electronic only.  I like the paper People Management - I can carry it around with me and read it at lunch time, or on the train, or take it home.  I can discuss articles with colleagues.  I rip out and keep any really interesting or relevant articles and then recycle. Leave it alone - I like it as it is (and only wet babies actually welcome change!!)

  • I prefer the print copy of People Management.  I get to read the articles at my leisure. Like Judy I get Personnel Today online but very rarely manage to click through all the articles.
  • I would much prefer an online version and would probably stop reading the paper copy if it did. I would particularly like the ability to search articles for inspiration in a similar way to how I use the forum. Also Ctrl + F tends to work much better online...
  • Steve Bridger

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    2 Sep, 2014 09:09

    In reply to Judy Williams:

    I think this thread illustrates why both bases need to be covered.

    I'll check that the people at PM have seen this thread. 

  • Steve Bridger

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    8 Sep, 2014 11:17

    Hat tip to my colleage Natalia for this one... but maybe we shook take a leaf out of IKEA's book ;)

    Ikea Hilariously Pitches Its 2015 Catalog as the Coolest Gadget Ever

  • Peter

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    15 Sep, 2014 13:37

    David, you forgot the recycling of all those ships used for transporting OOD electronics to the third world, also on 3rd-W beaches and probably the most environmentally and personal safety-hazardous of all.

    ....and Steve: The Ikea ad' says it all; Priceless! 

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