What are your favourite discussions?

Steve Bridger

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23 Oct, 2014 12:37

When I say 'favourite', I guess I mean your 'go to' threads on X topic.

I know that many of you use the 'My favourites' facility (over there > in the right-hand column).

I keep my own subjective list - mainly to keep them within easy reach to signpost to members new to this community.

Do share your 'faves' below. I'd be interested to see them.

To get us started, we've Peter Cunningham's terrific conversation starters: on the subject of "revelations" made to us "in confidence" when in our professional role; the differences between misconduct and incapability; and the question of how an employer should deal with someone who, called to attend a disciplinary hearing, promptly goes sick, suffering from "stress”.

There are so many others I like to signpost, such as Standalone HR, how do you cope?.

Over to you :)

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