WE NEED YOU: CIPD website focus group

Hi everyone

With more than 30 million page views in 2014, the CIPD website performs an important function for members. However research and feedback suggests that the site could be better organised to make important content easier to find.

As part of our aim to significantly improve the site we're looking for volunteers to input into the development of a more intuitive site structure. To be more precise to take part in a 'Card Sorting' exercise:

We need up to 30 volunteers to come to our offices in Wimbledon on 9 February - for a two-hour session.

Volunteers are asked to self select themselves into two groups:

11:00 - 13:00 People who use our website RARELY (up to 6 times per year OR only use these discussion forums. Please SIGN UP here.

14:00 - 16:00 REGULAR USERS of the site (more than 12 times per year, excluding the communities forums). Please SIGN UP here.

*As a thank you for taking part volunteers will each receive £50 John Lewis vouchers.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions please ask below.

All the best

Johanna, on behalf of CIPD team

  • Alan

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    29 Jan, 2015 16:08

    Hi Johanna

    Thank you for your invitation to join in this activity. I wont be able to join you but I hope that you will be open to ideas from members who wont be able be with you in Wimbledon on the 9th.

    There is one area that is missing on the CIPD website. That is a place where internal matters related to the Governance of the CIPD, communication to Members, minutes of Council meetings, Branch Officers listings and contacts, Policy proposals, appointments announcements and so on should be put up.

    We were promised this as part of the CIPD website refresh.

    kind regards

  • Following the CIPD Fee increase last July, the website was just one of a number of questions we have submitted to the CIPD.

    To Susannah Clements/Peter Cheese

    Copied to: Richard Hearn (Membership Dev) CIPD Chief Executive/Cheryl Myles (Branch Networks)/Johanna Ratcliffe (Digital Strategy)

    Dear Peter

    I sent the attached note below nearly five months ago to you and Susannah Clements, who we understand has now left the Institute. (We don't know who is now responsible for internal Institute affairs).

    Do you not feel inclined to respond to at least some of the questions I raised? I don't want a protracted correspondence on these issues, particularly where you do not accept the criticisms I make (made not just on my part, but the part of others, but I do feel you could do something to address the factual enquiries I have made on behalf of myself and others (blind copied here). They too have not received satisfactory responses to specific enquiries they have made.

    Can you confirm the current membership figures?
    (We understand it has fallen to 131,000 from 135,000 at time of the fee increase as we feared. We believe these to be mainly the more experienced members of the Institute. This is an most unwelcome development).
    Can you break these down by grades?
    Can you confirm the increase in Fees has been revenue neutral, as intended?
    With reference to the CIPD Website, when do you intend to communicate a project plan about the upgrade?
    (We are all desperate for it to be improved, and there are quick easy wins we have asked for).
    Do you intend to ask the Membership about what it sees as important, and deal with these items as priorities?
    (The only priorities you mention are better booking for Conferences and Events - all revenue raising initiatives).
    Can you provide any detailed plans about how you intend to improve communications with the Membership and dates by which you intend to achieve this?
    When can we expect to notice a difference?
    When do you intend to present the "detailed reader research" about the new quarterly magazine?
    Where is the evidence of any formal regular feedback to our Membership about these issues, as was promised by you and others at the time of the Fee increase.

    The CIPD has long-developed a practice of "playing the man and not the ball" with regard to its Membership.

    We would prefer to see issues addressed, rather than personal criticisms directed at paying Members. I hope you will turn your attention to these widely-felt views, and address the issues raised above in detail.

    Mark Law
    Mbr: 00404284


  • In reply to Mark Law:


    Tech query. Why do I get so many AJAX token notifications when I post?

    how can I avoid them or is there a stack problem on your servers?



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