Have your say: CIPD Member Survey 2015

Hi everyone

This month you’re invited to have your say about CIPD membership. So please look out for your email invite today, it contains details of how to complete the online survey. The email is sent from cipdsurvey@infocorp.co.uk and the subject is "Have your say in the CIPD Member Survey 2015."

This is your opportunity to have a say on the changes we’ve made to CIPD membership, as well as broader issues relating to your experience as a member and working in the HR/L&D profession. By taking part, you’ll help us to ensure that membership continues to be practical and relevant to your professional needs. Plus by completing the survey you’ll receive a summary of the survey findings in April.

Although we have commissioned the survey, the data will be handled by independent market researchers to ensure complete confidentiality. I’d therefore like to reassure you that your personal responses will not be seen by anyone at the CIPD in a format which allows you to be identified.

Please note that we are only sending out the survey by email, so if you do not have an email address, then you can still complete the survey online by logging into to the CIPD website at www.cipd.co.uk/membership.

If you have any questions about the research, then please feel free to speak to our Customer Services team on +44 (0)20 8612 6208.


  • The survey was a great disappointment to me.

    It covered areas I had no interest commenting on, missed many others and did not allow any free form comment.

    Rather pointless.

    But it did show the CIPD could contact ALL members quickly and relatively cheaply for feedback.

    So, as practitioners, when can we vote on whether to support new policy announcements and get a chance to amend them?

    Or vote on  the Annual Report or election of Council Members?

  • Can I ask when we are going to get this? Not received a request to complete it as yet, so disappointed.



  • Check your junk email Clare, mine was in there. However the deadline was yesterday I believe.
  • Thanks for your feedback Mark. Clare sorry that you have not received your survey. If you would still like to complete it, please let me come back to you tomorrow on this.


  • Hi Clare, I emailed you the link to the survey on Friday. Could you please let me know if you received it okay? Many thanks Steph
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