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I've had a look at the boards and can't find anything that answers my query, so I hope you can help. If this has been posted before, please could you direct me to relevant posts?

My organisation provides HR query resolution via a contact centre. We're looking at implementing mystery shopping so we can gain further insight into the quality and perception of service we provide. We're also looking for constructive feedback from our business regarding how we can improve our service.

I'm benchmarking the viability of this approach to see if it's something we could consider implementing and so would like to know if any of your organisations operate something similar.

I look forward to your responses.

  • Steven

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    5 Mar, 2015 18:53

    I have worked as a mystery shopper and whilst there are a number of advantages to this approach it is not without risks.

    Introducing such a system can been seen as spying on the employees but perhaps the biggest issue (to my mind) is how you react to good or bad news.  For example if the shopper makes contact and reports back poor service.  Is the poor service due to an unhelpful employee or unhelpful systems and procedures.  Most mystery shopping services work in a simple quantitative system of rating specific areas. 

    If you have contract clients, how would you test the system without taking on the identity of a paying client.  You could pretend to be one of your clients but in my experience this just leads to a huge amount of hassle.

    There are others things you can do which can be even more helpful, think of those TV shows where a senior manager returns to the shop floor. 



  • Many thanks Steven.

    Have you mystery shopped in a HR context? I'd be very keen to hear more.

  • Steven

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    7 Mar, 2015 22:42

    ".......I'd be very keen to hear more"


    Oh, let me keep some secrets in order to justify my reassuring expensive day rates.  Having said that, I would start by deciding what you want to learn from the exercise, what is it you want to measure and how do you know what good or bad news looks like.

    Mystery shopping is quite easy if you are measuring simple activities like sales but much more complicated for professional advice or other management activities.  Focus on clarifying what is it you wish to measure.

    There are a lot of firms who can help with basic measurements such as time taken to answer the phone or perceived quality of advice or friendliness of staff.  All these things can be useful and indeed this is where the vast majority of firms focus their energies.  My view is there is much more information to be gained but it is worth considering how many call centres do you contact to get average service when most will have nice KPI's from mystery shoppers and so nothing changes.

    Just as an aside, one firm used to let the staff know roughly what time someone would make a test purchase and rather unsurprisingly all the scores were very high and if by chance you were a real customer, you received very good service 

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