Evaluation of the HR Department

I am keen to get some feedback from the business on the effectiveness of our HR function. Does anyone have experience of this and/or a questionnaire that we could use?

At this point I am interested in getting feedback from our Senior Leadership team however we may include other layers and/or employees in the future 

  • David Perry

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    6 May, 2015 16:40

    I suggest you find out what your customers - the people you serve in your business - what they want or don't want and measure that.

    What is important to other posters on here may not be as important in your business. 

  • Steven

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    6 May, 2015 22:47

    Completely agree with David plus your leadership team probably already has a very good idea of how effective they think HR is
  • David Perry

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    7 May, 2015 19:15

    Use something like Kelly's Constructs.


    Simply ask them I(using a grid), what services they get from the HR department and then get them to score how satisfied they are with that service on a scale of 5.


    Something like this:-

    "What services do you use from from the HR department?

    Score = 1= crap, 2=not useful. 3= Its OK, 4 reasonably good, 5 completely satisfied.

    Recruitment   = l

    help in disciplinary situations  = 3 


    And so on.  That way it saves you guessing what to measure.


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