Manchester airport internal communications


I am interested to know more about the internal communication systems at Manchester Airport.  Please could someone point me in the right direction?



  • Hi Joby,

    I might be able to help, I have contact with the head of one of the terminals.

    Is there anything specific that you are looking to find out?



  • Peter

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    19 Jun, 2015 18:47

    Forgive me if I state the obvious, but are there not certain security issues to consider in making a request like this? I think the enquiry should be appropriately directed to the airport management team.

  • Thanks a lot Laura.  Manchester Airport seems to have a track record for effective internal communications, inspiring and enagaging employees to change, through embedding of behavioural and cultural change throughout the organisation.  Would you be able to provide me with the contact details for the relevant person in the internal communications team, who could provide me with more insight on this?

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