** Profile photo: how visible do you want to be? **

Steve Bridger

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8 Jul, 2015 11:37

Me again ;)

I've got another question for you - following on from asking which forums might be OPEN to non-members?

Gradually, over the years (12 years, to be exact)... more and more of you have uploaded a profile photo - even though the tech doesn't make it as easy as it should be. I think it's important... as is completing your profile so that peers can 'see where you're coming from'.

The new community (coming November-ish) will allow us to (eventually) integrate community discussions with the main CIPD website - e.g. pulling across a relevant discussion on shared parental leave and linking to it from say, a factsheet. That won't happen overnight, but the question is - would you be happy seeing a (small) profile photo/avatar of yourself on the CIPD website?

If we featured half a dozen discussion threads on the homepage of the CIPD website - would your opinion change? How would you feel about that? Obviously, there's the caveat of not wishing to see your photo next to a discussion thread title, which reads 'making all our staff redundant next week'. You can take that as a given (we'd never do that).

Again... we're keen to get your thoughts on this, so that we can feed them into the design and build stage.


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