** Profile photo: how visible do you want to be? **

Steve Bridger

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8 Jul, 2015 11:37

Me again ;)

I've got another question for you - following on from asking which forums might be OPEN to non-members?

Gradually, over the years (12 years, to be exact)... more and more of you have uploaded a profile photo - even though the tech doesn't make it as easy as it should be. I think it's important... as is completing your profile so that peers can 'see where you're coming from'.

The new community (coming November-ish) will allow us to (eventually) integrate community discussions with the main CIPD website - e.g. pulling across a relevant discussion on shared parental leave and linking to it from say, a factsheet. That won't happen overnight, but the question is - would you be happy seeing a (small) profile photo/avatar of yourself on the CIPD website?

If we featured half a dozen discussion threads on the homepage of the CIPD website - would your opinion change? How would you feel about that? Obviously, there's the caveat of not wishing to see your photo next to a discussion thread title, which reads 'making all our staff redundant next week'. You can take that as a given (we'd never do that).

Again... we're keen to get your thoughts on this, so that we can feed them into the design and build stage.


  • Seems like a massive admin task to filter out what "you" deem as ok to put our names/faces against for all to see? Or am I reading too much into it?
  • James

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    8 Jul, 2015 18:29

    Sounds like a great way forward and integration will attract more people to discuss.

    A simply way round it could be an opt out option when signing up to the community where your image or infact aspects of your identity (Surname, business etc) is simply hidden based on how you set it.

    will appear to logged in CIPD members but hidden to the outside world if the associated settings in place... or somewhere else along the spectrum of completely open to completely closed depending on personal needs. 

  • Steve Bridger

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    Community Manager

    8 Jul, 2015 18:37

    @James *Like*

    @Nicola It would be automated in some way - perhaps in the way that James suggests.


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