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Hi everyone,

 This is my first post on the community pages (I did not know it existed until I stumbled upon it yesterday!).

 I am involved in looking at our current exit interview process and what changes can be made to it to ensure more participation.

 I would be really interested to know what other organisations do in terms of how the exit interview is conducted i.e. face to face/telephone/on line and what types of questions are asked?

Thnaks :)


  • Susan

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    14 Jul, 2015 11:59

    Hi Faye, and welcome to the Communities. 

     I prefer to conduct exit interviews face to face wherever possible.  If not, then Skype video call can be a good alternative.  I usually give the person the questions beforehand so that they are not worrying about it and can prepare if they want to.  I also explain the purpose of the exit interview to them and assure them of confidentiality where asked for and that nothing they say will be held against them in any way (eg some people worry that it might affect a future reference from the company)

    Our main aims in conducting the interviews are to find out reason/s for leaving, what we can improve on and if there are any specific concerns to be addressed so the questions focus on these areas, with a free area for anything that the employee wants to get off their chest.  If anything arises that could be construed as a grievance this is closed off rather than left hanging.

    Best regards


  • Hannah

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    21 Jul, 2015 11:25

    Hi Faye,

    We had a massive overhaul of our Exit Interview process last year to ensure an impartial person (i.e. me!) conducts each interview.

    Previously this was done by the line manager, and the employees either weren't comfortable being honest with them, or in some cases the line manager was their reason for leaving...

    We also found that now I have an overview of the entire business, I can pick up on any trends. For example, in one area there were three people who left because of a 'difficult' manager, and in another area promotions weren't going through properly, leading to de-motivation and poaching from a competitor. So we were able to tackle these issues directly, and the Exit Interview process was no longer just a 'tick-box exercise', as it had been previously.

    The down-side to this is that around 50% of the interviews I conduct are over the phone (we have offices across the country, as well as site-based and seconded staff). However I don't see this as a massive problem, as I send out the questionnaire beforehand, and ask the interviewees to arrange a private office / space in which to conduct the call.


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