Update on your new CIPD community

Hi everyone

Wanted to let you know how this project is progressing as we draw closer to our changeover at the beginning of November.

Steve (your friendly community manager) and I have been working on the project team - busy signing off 'wireframes' and designs for our new community. It's exciting to be able to bring you something that continues the friendly, collaborative spirit of our current forum but in a very much updated and refreshed new environment. I could have name-checked a live link to Steve's name in the new community then for example - can't wait (!)  

Apart from the new forum groups (some secure, member-only, some, depending on topic, open to a wider audience interested in joining our conversations.) There will also be:

- a new co-creation wiki area (we'll be launching with an experiment of constructing a community factsheet on the changing workplace),

- a Careers Clinic

- a 'What's new at CIPD' area

- an Ideation Lab where you can vote on ideas and suggestions around a key area for debate.

- mini polls with real-time results

- a newsfeed with latest updates.

So lots of interaction and ways to get involved...

I hope you'll agree it sounds intriguing while retaining some of the great content and features you're used to as well. 

More news soon as we keep you posted on developments and feel free to ask anything about the plans below.



Social media and community manager, CIPD 



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