Be in a video about our new community

Hi everyone

We're looking for a few locals (able to get to our head office in Wimbledon) to come in for filming in mid October (date tbc.) Sorry this is so restrictive to our wider community - it's purely about logistics on this occasion. Anna Meller has already agreed to help, thanks Anna. 

The video will be shown on our new community to every visitor and the idea is we want to get across what's great about this community and how it helps people do their jobs. We want it to be friendly and welcoming so people are encouraged to join in and get involved. We also need a mixture of people, age, stage, male, female.

The filming would most likely be on a weekday in working hours and would involve a professional crew (they make you feel very relaxed though...) with you just talking to camera and answering a few questions which they would then edit later into a masterpiece ;)

If you're interested - and it's also a chance to meet Steve your community manager and myself at the CIPD offices - please let me know below.

Thank you in advance


Social Media and Community Manager, CIPD 

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