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Steve Bridger

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Community Manager

19 Nov, 2015 15:32

Welcome to our - your - online community. 

This community was first launched in January 2004, but this is only the second major upgrade in all that time. There is a great deal that is new, and those of you who have been regular readers and contributors will notice that some of the furniture has shifted about a bit. I know this can be a little unsettling at first, but rest assured the team here (with the help of some of you, too) have been working hard to get to this point. 

We'll be listening, learning, testing and improving the community continuously (we won't leave it so long next time!)

We'd really value your feedback - especially if you find something that doesn't work the way you think it should. You can post to the Community Feedback group. Please tell us what you like, too (equally useful to know... and it makes us smile).

Once you've had a look around, I'd encourage you to complete this simple questionnaire. It will help us prioritise any improvements we need to make.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for reading, and for asking questions. Thank you (especially) for giving back to the profession and sharing your knowledge and expertise.


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