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24 Nov, 2015 13:24


On the old forum I used to go to view 'most recent posts'... then I would scroll down the threads and click on the ones of interest. When I had read that one it would show (by the 'page' icon being greyed out if I remember rightly) that I had read it when I next looked at the most recent posts.

Is it me being dense? I cannot see how to get the same functionality from the new forum. I keep logging into posts that haven't been updated... I want to screen out those where nothing has been added since I last read. Help please!

  • Hi Karen - yes I am missing that bit of functionality as well. I think .... if you choose "unread" from the drop down box it shows the ones that you personally haven't read, but I believe it includes unread answers as well as posts??? I have also noticed that people are putting new answers onto quite old posts, probably due to this same reason of not quite being able to tell what is new as easily as you could previously. Generally liking the look and feel of the new forum, just a couple of things my brain is struggling to get used to currently!
  • Ah - I have also just noticed something I hadn't seen before. Up on the top right of the screen next to where you login, there is an icon of a little bell. Mine is currently showing a little red "22" which is showing unread notifications - both new posts and answers.
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