Frustrated by broken links

While the look and breadth of the new communitiy pages is great, I'm finding it much harder to navigate to them.

If I see an interesting topic flagged in the CIPD update e-mail I used to click on it and get taken straight to the thread.

Now I click a link and am taken to a log in screen.  Once I've negotiated that (at least I can remember my password now!) it dumps me on the CIPD home page.  Okay, so there's a 'Community & Blogs' on the menu with an item marked 'Latest Discussion threads'.  That should do it, but no...

The error page which says "Whoops, we can't find the page you're looking for" is much better than an ordinary ERROR 404.  It goes on to tell me that the page is underperforming and will be mentored.  But a single click from the e-mail to the thread would be so much more useful.

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