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13 Jan, 2016 12:49

Since its relaunch, I've not had a single PM or email via CIPD communities, no matter how many times I check or change my settings. So I've now tried to set it up with my personal email address rather than my work email to see if that makes a difference....

Could someone reply here please so I can see if any emails come through?

(Steve, if you're reading, I've PM-ed you several times about problems I'm having with the new setup but I don't know if you're getting them. At the moment the site is pretty unusable to me as I can't follow threads or receive notifications, etc. I keep setting myself up to enable PMs from anyone in the community but every time I reopen the site it's reverted back to friends only.)

Thanks in advance for any help (Whether or not I get notified of it lol!)

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