Do employers pay for additional childcare costs when asking employees to work hours above their contract?

I wondered if anyone has come across this in their organisation and if so what the outcome was.

We have been asked on several occasions by employees whether we will pay their childcare costs in instances where they are working outside their contracted hours.

An example of this would be a part time employee being asked to work extra hours for a week on a project meaning they would have to arrange and pay for additional childcare. Or a full timer who is asked to go abroad for work meaning they have to get some additional childcare as they will not be at home.

Does anyone have an employer that does cover these costs?

Many Thanks

  • Anna

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    11 Apr, 2017 12:53

    Hi Samantha

    Paid for childcare is expensive and not always available at short notice. And not all parents have access to the unpaid for variety in the shape of family members or other informal arrangements.

    In my experience most employers faced with the requests you've cited would aim to be flexible. Is there some other way the work can be done so it doesn't eat into 'non-work' time? Could the project worker do the work from home when her child is sleeping for example? And could the traveller travel during the normal working week? If there is no other alternative then paying for extra childcare may be the appropriate compromise.
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