Benchmarking HR Caseload

Has anyone come across benchmarking information for HR Caseload/capacity.

Such as the number of cases being dealt with, or indeed what percentage of the workforce this is? 

If anyone has come across this kind of information and can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Emma

  • Steve Bridger

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    13 Aug, 2013 12:12

    Hi Emma,

    You've phrased it differently, but we get a lot of these... 


    Not sure about the term 'caseload' in this context. We're talking about 'people', right?


  • Elizabeth

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    13 Aug, 2013 13:20

    Hi Emma

    If what you mean by caseload is the number of issues that one HR person is dealing with at any one time, then I have never seen stats on this and think it would be very hard to produce anything meaningful. One single grievance might be a complicated case that entails the collection of many witness statements and attendance at day-long meetings with the aggrieved employee over a period of weeks or could be a quick and simple issue that is over and done with in a couple of days. The same applies to disciplinary issues. Recruitment can range from an offer being made after a 45-minute interview to a 2-day selection centre, and so on through every area of HR work.

    I wonder if you are asking the question because you are feeling overloaded and under-resourced? Are you looking for supporting information to present a case for more support to your management? If so, some information about the kinds of issues you are grappling with might enable colleagues on this forum to suggest ways forward.

    Best wishes,




  • David Perry

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    13 Aug, 2013 18:46

    How long is a bit of string?


     What length is a case load? 

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