Undergraduate contracts?


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13 Sep, 2013 10:22


My organisation is interested in employing undergraduates with a view to offer them jobs towards the end of their graduation (if they are successful).

It will be great if anyone could share a set of terms and conditions/a template they have successfully implemented for their own undergraduate programmes (along similar lines, if possible, please)? If you could kindly forward it to [email address removed by moderator - please use the 'Contact' facility] will be much appreciated.

Many thanks




  • David Perry

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    17 Sep, 2013 05:06

    Welcome to the communties Sneh.


    Don't forget to amend any T & C s you receive!  You may not want to pay the same rates or give the same amount of holidays as others!! 

  • Sneh

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    17 Sep, 2013 13:40

    Thank you, David. The intention is to adapt it so it works for the organisation. Have yet to receive any templates though...:)


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