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I need to prepare a Diversity Strategy for a virtual company recently formed as a partnership between a public organisation and a private one. They need to address significant cultural differences between managers (who have brought a strong private-sector ethos with them and employees (who have mainly been transferred from the public organisation). 

 The main cultural differences include focus of activity, ethos, culture, communication systems, relationship with management. Management seek to establish a new culture that combines elements from both in a way that enables all members to achieve the partnership's objectives. 

 The staffing structure is also problematic as most of the employees transferred from the public organisation are women and most of the managers are men, which may require some training in terms of gender perceptions. (?)

Any advice (in terms of ideas or  literature that I could refer to) would be greatly appreciated. I'm mostly interested in potential training needs and ways to measure the impact of such training. Thank you!

  • Harvey Bennett

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    20 Oct, 2013 20:01

    By "virtual", do you mean that the members of organisation A do not meet, physically, the members of organisation B, other than the direct participants in the joint-venture projects?

    At a CIPD conference some years ago (5?) there was a really interesting workshop given by a UK consultancy about using MBTI type as a diagnostic tool for different organisational cultures, and the potential for conflict. I don't remember the name of the firm. A google search didn't throw up a name. Maybe the CIPD conference organisers can help?

    However, I came across this article:


     and there is lots of training material to use with the managers at the interface of the two organisations to help resolve organisation cultural differences. 

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