Developing a sense of belonging and identificaiton with employer brand


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29 Jan, 2015 14:55

I would be grateful if people
could share any thoughts / ideas of how we could develop a sense of identification
with the Employer Branding as well as a sense of belonging to the (Employer as
a) team,  for staff who are based on client


  • Lesley

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    29 Jan, 2015 16:35

    I have had to deal with this challenge - managing employee communications and engagement for a large group of outsourced workers (~900 UK staff) who were based on client site, who had mainly been TUPE'd across from the client, but who had become employed by my previous employer.

    We worked very carefully to create shared branding for use on client site (including slide templates, email banners, poster templates etc) - which reflected employee's links to the original client, but brought in features from our company branding including the company logo. The idea was this would help them to feel like part of both organisations and reflected the fact the team worked together for the benefit of the client.

    This needed agreement from brand teams from both organisations, which was a challenge, but worth the hassle to get something approved.

    We also did a lot to try and share knowledge between other outsourced teams within the company and organised cross-client account events, bringing together employers on different clients within the same region for social events, training and networking opportunities - really helped them to see the benefits of being part of the wider organisation. 

  • Malcolm

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    27 May, 2015 15:48

    As co-author of Human Resource Practice, I am interested to learn of any experience of developing an employer brand through the use of social media or enterprise networking. With the growth of Glassdoor I am interested in any employers who might be actively using social media to create a sense of belonging and identification with their employer - rather than risking it to an external party.


  • Lesley

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    27 May, 2015 17:02

    Interesting idea - I think there are definitely some brands doing this well. Many of the big graduate employers are leading the way with this - Accenture, EY, Enterprise Rent a Car come to mind. 

  • Steven

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    27 May, 2015 17:29

    My knowledge of social media is very low however one thing which stands out for me is the complete acceptance (in wider business world) of a clear link between social media and employee branding, commitment and identification.

    Maybe it is so obvious to everyone that no one feels the need to explain it but is there a clear link?

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