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26 Feb, 2013 10:02

I have just started in a new role which invovles the management of the implementation of an Apprenticeship programme.  The organisation has already agreed the training provider and have asked me to review the commercial agreement between the organisation and the training provider.

Does anyone have any experience of setting up these contracts that you could advise me on?  What are the key essentials that I should ensure are in the contract?

many thansk


  • Hello Rhiannon

    I am in the process of finalisng a contract with our apprentice service provider, if you message me through the contact button I may be able to help you out.



  • Keith

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    4 Mar, 2013 16:48

    Sandra - what advice can you give people generally in this area - its helpful to go offline on specifics but in case anyone else is working in this area a few pointers would probably help a lot fo people
  • David

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    18 Mar, 2013 13:23

    Just to observe - if it's Government-funded training, most of the content will be likely to be dictated by the source of the funding, and, in my experience, such agreements tend to comprise standard stuff, eg allow access to provider's trainers etc etc and rarely if ever are they subjects for revision or notification.
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