People Management Training

Please could I have your advice around some training that we would like to offer a Senior Manager at work.  We would like to encourage improved people management skills and have suggested the course below.


 However she will be on holiday for the May date and we would like to find a course that is earlier than August.  

 Are there any similar courses that you could recommend please, provided either by the CIPD or another organisation.

Thanks in advance 

  • Hi Leanne, has the suggestion of a training course been made yet?  If not this could be an ideal opportunity for some coaching instead of training and might be more attractive given the position of the individual in the organisation.  If there is an existing employee who displays the appropriate attributes which would be ideal for the manager in question then having the two work together could pay dividends as well as save some money and provide an opportunity for someone to expand their skills set.  Would this be feasible?  :-)
  • Hi Clare,  Thanks for your response.  At the moment coaching could be tricky due to the cost involved though I can understand how it would work in this case.

    Also it is important that the manager is able to do the course on her own so involving another employee would not work. 

  • David Perry

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    19 Mar, 2013 10:27

    But just because you display good people management skills doesn't mean you'll necessarily be any use as a coach.
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