Capturing information about employees' talents

We recently
had our review with Investors in People and have identified that we need
additional ways to capture information about employees’ talents.

Does anyone
have any successful processes for this, do you incorporate it into your
performance management systems and if so what approach do you use to record the
information and ensure it is used?

  • Hello

    I appreaciate this maybe a late reply. My company uses an off the shelf package to capture staff's skills and competences.

    It is relatively easy to use, skills/competence frameworks are set up once this is done the employee assessess themselves which includes providing a level at which they believe they are at, managers then confirm these skills.

    I find it really useful to identify skills gaps, which then allows for training plans, also useful for succession planning and when we are a bit thin on the ground it is used to move specialist skills (specialist people) into short staffed areas.

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