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Hi All,


I have recently completed my first level 3 CIPD Certification. I have experience in HR administration and am currently looking for a new role in HR Admin. However, I am finding that most employers are looking for experience and knowledge of HR systems such as SAP, HRIS or other live systems. I am looking for courses on these software packages which don't cost an arm and a leg! I was hoping that someone out there could direct me to where I might find an online course or something similar?


Any ideas would be gratefully received.



  • Hi Rehanna, welcome to the communities and congratulations on achieving your recent academic success!  Alas, you are not alone with the no job no experience dilemma ....  Ultimately the final decision lies with you, however I personally wouldn't pursue a training course route (and certainly nothing too expensive) unless you can put everything into practice pretty quickly.  So, some of thoughts to consider:

    what does your current employer use by way of HR systems?  Do you use these or can you get some practical experience however limited?

    Do some research on well known HR systems and check their websites for any demos, literature, taster sessions, etc.

    Do you have any friends who also work in HR?  If so it may be worth checking to see what systems they use and ask if you can have sight of any training material or documentation

    It may also be worth approaching your local CIPD branch for points of contact as someone might be kind enough to let you sit with them for perhaps half a day and watch what they do on their system (naturally without compromising any data protection)

    Also, it's worth checking your local library for any training DVDs for loan, bit of a long shot but nothing ventured ...

    Plus, this may not be relevant in the longer term but check for dates for next year's HR software show (usually in May or June).  It might be worth wandering around to catch any demos, material, etc. 

    Another thought on the training front is have a look for short term courses such as evening classes - I'm doubtful this will yield anything but doing the research might lead to something useful.

    Finally, whilst the experience is useful you may like to focus on your aptitude for picking up IT systems and gaining your ECDL certificate (European Computer Driving Licence) would be worthwhile as it will clearly demonstrate your IT skills have been tested to a good standard.  So some evidence to a future employer of how you can acquire knowledge quickly will pay dividends. 

    Hopefully something here will get you off the starting blocks, as I say (apart from the ECDL) I wouldn't pay out money for a training course unless you can use the knowledge soon afterwards, however the final decision ultimately lies with you.  Good luck!  :-)

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