Recouping training costs


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28 Mar, 2014 09:49

Hi Everyone,

My Company wants to instigate training recoup of costs if an employee leaves.

How viable is this if there isn't anything in any ones contract or if they haven't signed a training agreement AND

even if they had, is it LEGAL to take back money? 

This would probably be for Management training (CMI) / Professional training (HNCs etc)

Thanks, in anticipation of your help


  • Keith

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    28 Mar, 2014 09:57


    If you do a search (under such things as Training Contracts etc) you will find a huge amount of discussion over the ethics and practicalities of these agreements.


  • Steve Bridger

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    28 Mar, 2014 10:20

    Hi Sam,

    Keith is right. I've pulled most of these threads together 'tagged' clawback. A lot of the ground is covered in those. #understatement

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