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30 Jun, 2014 11:16

Hi Everyone

 I recently took part in a workplace assesment for one of our Leadership programmes with the aim to to help progress my career and help to fill the skills gaps I have identified, mainly my financial and commercial acumen along with management of staff.

Unfortunately I wasnt successful in gaining entry onto the programme due to these skills gaps. The issue I face in my current role is that I have little to no exposure to help me gain the practical experience on those subjects which I feel is something that is holding me back.

Obvious methods to help me gain some experience is to perhaps sit with other departments for a run through of key tasks such as managing budgets, profit and loss etc. however I think this will only help me to a small extent. 

Has anyone else had any similar experiences? Id be interested in hearing your stories and gain tips on how I can plug these gaps.

All the best, Terry.


  • Anna

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    30 Jun, 2014 11:39

    Hi Terry

    In my experience becoming a trustee to a charity (preferably one with a cause that interests you) is a great way of gaining financial and commercial acumen. If the opening is one which also enables you to offer HR advice it may enhance your understanding of managing staff.

    Kind regards, Anna 

  • Terry

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    30 Jun, 2014 13:00

    Thanks for the reply Anna,

    Interesting suggestion. I havent thought about the charity route but will certainly take a look. Ideally if I can gain the experience in my day job or the Company I work for that would be the preferred route given the time restraints I have.

    Best Regards


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