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2 Oct, 2014 12:56


 I am looking to source a workplace mediation training programme which will give me the skills to offer mediation on a freelance basis.

This course would need to offer a formal qualification.

I notice ACAS do a course but they state this is not suitable for those working on a freelance basis.  I can find a few courses but they are all based in London and I fear the expenses will be higher than the course fees!

 I am based in Scotland and would ideally like to attend training in Glasgow or Edinburgh.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

If there was a provider based in London that would be happy to come here to deliver the training I may be able to find others to attend a course based here.

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  • Hi Alison, well done for spotting about ACAS being unable to help, this is because any mediator would need to undergo some supervision to compliment their case work and ACAS cannot support this.  I fear you may need to go into England to find a training provider but as a first stop I would suggest you contact the Scottish Mediation Network. I haven't personally had any dealings with them however I think they could help you get off the starting blocks and you may want to join them for networking/support.  Link to their website is:






    As someone also trying to get into workplace mediation as an income stream I hope I can offer you some other tips.  Hopefully you won't have planned to support yourself financially through mediation as I hear most mediators struggle so consider a number of complimentary outlets to help with your income.  Also, I would strongly urge you (if you are able) to get involved with community/neighbourhood mediation as both models are virtually identical and you will gain some much needed experience.  Plus, if you secure an accredited certification for this type of mediation it could allow you to go for a conversion course and achieve certification for workplace mediation which is a quicker and cheaper route.  That's what I did.  However, community/neighbourhood mediation is generally voluntary and takes place during the day so this may be an issue if you work full time.  Hope some of this helps and if you'd like an offline chat feel free to message me directly.  :-)

  • Hi

    I believe the CIPD may also offer courses on mediation.  Your local CIPD branch may also be able to point you in the direction of someone who can train you.  Also look at some of the local further education colleges as some run this type of training.


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