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Hi I would like ask where I can find any information about volunteering opportunities in HR  department to improve my skills and learn new. I'm looking anything in Aberdeen. few months ago I started my course in HR so I was wondering if I could get some opportunity to get experience in HR .If anyone have any ideas that'd be very appreciated .Thank you so much for all help. 
  • Hi

    I am unsure what the market is like in Aberdeen, however I can
    give you some advice from personal experience.  

    am based in London and there are many large charities who advertise
    (CharityJobs.com) for HR Admin support. If you want names, please contact me

    volunteered in two of them and found an HR Admin role (paid) around 5 months
    later. Volunteering has been a great way to gain experience in HR, but also to
    show credibility and commitment to the HR profession.

    this helps.





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