I am doing some research on assertiveness and how to improve it in the
workplace. As part of my research, I have to create role-plays for those who
are keen to improve their assertiveness and wish to do some practice.

Can anyone advise on how to create successful role-plays
(content, length, how many assessors should there be etc...)?  

 Many thanks in advance for your help.


  • David Perry

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    20 Jan, 2015 20:05

    I'm not too sure what the assessors role is, but I have never used them or seen/heard of them being used in assertiveness training.


    Nor would I create role plays.  Whats the point?  All I ever did was introduce the idea of passive, agressive and assertiveness and then get participants to think about situations where they would like to have been more assertive.  Then they take it in turns to role play being assertive with partners and the trainer giving feedback and looking for any issues arising etc., 

  • Hi David

    Thanks for your input. Do you know where I can information on passive, aggressive and assertive behaviors?

    Basically, you let the participants choose a situation to practice on, and they will assess the person  in front of them, so they are the assessors themselves.  

  • Hi Helene,

    Someone once signposted me to this webpage which is quite useful http://www.getselfhelp.co.uk/communication.htm


  • Thanks Claire. This is a great start!
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