Christmas party jokes in People Management - December 2014

Hi all

Well... I have tried to use the witty gags in this month's People Management (page 17) with some of my colleagues.  Needless to say that as the only HR person in the room, I was the only one laughing at them!

In fact I think they may have pigeonholed me further as a party pooper with my colleagues and the ghost train dismissal one actually got a boo!!!

I look to my fellow HR professionals to laugh with me... particularly at "how many HR people does it take to change a light bulb?"

 ....and also as anyone else noticed that when mentioned a HR director & the driver are male and the employment lawyer that need the loo was female...?!?!  Come on People Management....  we don't need you to stereotype men and women in business too!  Please set an example.


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