Secret Santa Help!

Hi there,

This doesn't require the specific advice of  HR professionals - however I thought I would try and get some aid anyway with Xmas fast approaching!

I have been working in my new role within an HR department for the last 2 months, so have got to know my current colleagues fairly well. However, the Assistant Director of HR has been on maternity leave, and is officially back working in the office next week.

So far I have only met her twice (two KIT days); both occasions were extremely brief and definitely not long enough to get a grasp of any sort of interests/desires.

Following this, knowing my luck , I drew her in this year's Secret Santa!

Having pondered on what to get her (£10 limit), I thought I could go down the route of getting her a very 'one size fits all' gift that any lady would most likely be pleased with - however I also had the thought of possibly getting something Christmassy for her new child, e.g. Christmas bib? Christmas decoration to put a photo in? Just to make the gift a little more personal.

My question is this:

In a similar scenario, where you need to buy a £10 gift for somebody you hardly know and who has just come back from maternity - what route would you take? Please do bear in mind that 'waiting for her to come back to try and speak with her further' is not an option!

Any thoughts are appreciated - it's not a serious post, just an inquisitive one!

Many thanks



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