Christmas 'do'? How much are you spending?

Steve Bridger

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9 Dec, 2014 14:43

The Guardian reports that the Financial Conduct Authority has budgeted £60 per head for its staff festivities.

Is the Christmas party making a comeback? Did it ever go away?

And am I invited?

ps For Secret Santa advice, head over to this (more interesting) discussion.

pps Have you entered the caption comp yet? Week 1 & Week 2. Week 3 coming on Monday.

  • Robey

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    10 Dec, 2014 11:20

    We spend nothing.  Teams organise their own Christmas activities and staff pay their own way.  We do offer an hour of work time for Christmas events, but that's the extent of our largesse.

    Bah, humbug.

  • Karen

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    10 Dec, 2014 11:34

    We spent £58 per head on the Christmas party (evening event, dinner, entertainment, dj, disco, welcome drinks, but no partners allowed). We also have events during the day (cocktail mixing, target practice, casino games, etc) which have been funded with an extra £200 budget. 

    I think we have been more than generous, if we get complaints it will be cheese sandwiches and cold water next year. 

  • we don't budget at all! The Directors foot the bill whatever it is come the end of the night (we are a small company). However despite this, attendance is not great. 
  • Gillian

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    10 Dec, 2014 14:40

    We have a staff meal at a nice restaurant which is paid for by the Company, including an allowance for drinks afterwards which usually gives people another couple of free drinks before they have to start chipping in themselves.

    The meal is at lunchtime on a Friday so anyone working that day gets a half day's leave on top of the lunch.  We're only a small company (20 people) and everyone attends unless they have personal commitments they can't get out of.  Last year a school nativity was being cursed because it meant someone couldn't come along!

    I know how lucky I am working in a place where people get on well and enjoy social events.  I'm looking forward to this year's outing on the 19th :-)

  • Lou

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    10 Dec, 2014 16:19

    Our Christmas party is the social event of the year - of our 300 employees around 200 attend along with their partners. Free food, free bar - we even hire coaches to take them from where they live to the venue! And still they moan.....

    As the organiser it is on the same level as organising a wedding every year. All in all everyone enjoys themselves - I can tell you this though, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the bar bill after my first party!  

  • Keith

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    10 Dec, 2014 16:19

    We allow £25 per head - anything else comes out of the staff or more often the senior managers pocket
  • Liz

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    11 Dec, 2014 09:15

    We budget £50 a head to spend on whatever activities you want to plan as a group, team, or whole company.

    So far I've spent £30 on a Christmas meal that happened the other weekend, and the rest (plus extra from myself) will be spent going to a disused quarry in North Wales where there's a zip line that travels at up to 100mph, with a load of other crazy people from our production plant.

    The only rule we have about Christmas parties is that the company won't fund pub crawls. Meals and drinks, bowling, karting, yes anything like that. One lot even went dune buggy racing somewhere when the weather got warmer, and that same group went quad-biking the time before.  

    We had a whole company do a few years back which was good and very well attended, we tried replicating it the following year and it was a poor turn-out, hence moving to smaller more individual style parties.  

  • Emma Doherty

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    11 Dec, 2014 11:04

    We have a budget of £40 per head plus partners. Each office/site then arranges something that suits locally.

  • Lesley

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    11 Dec, 2014 11:34

    I organised a Christmas party a few years ago for the project I was working on at the time - approx 400 staff, of which about 250 attended a private gala event at the local golf club. Three course meal, entertainment and laid on coaches and taxis to get everyone home safely afterwards.

    I had one instruction (I must add this was directly from our teetotaller Managing Director), which was to ensure the drink did not run out. The bar bill was impressive!

    Can't remember what total cost per head ran to in the end, but suspect it was closer to £100 than 50. 

    As a freelancer my Christmas party this year will probably involve me and the dog perhaps pulling a cracker or two in my home office.

    I am going to my partner's do this year though, which is a whole company (with partners) event at a major sports venue so probably a fairly substantial budget going into it. This is the first one I've been to with his current employer so will be interesting to see what it is like.

  • Hello, is anyone willing to share their thoughts on whether a staff Christmas party ought to be extended to include TEMPs/consultants?  My view (bah humbug!) is that the party is for staff and so for me, it's clear that by inviting TEMPs/consultants, we are blurring the boundary of their status. However, some colleagues argue that we have had some TEMPs/consultants who have been with us for some time and it would be unfair to exclude them - which then brings me to the question of if we do invite them, where would we draw the line eg a TEMP has to have been with us for X months before they are invited?  I appreciate this is a somewhat tedious discussion topic but unfortunately, one I am about to be faced with, so any thoughts welcome!
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