Silly season aftermath


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12 Dec, 2014 12:09

So as Christmas parties are happening, so come the inevitable issues! 


I'm currently dealing with an alleged sexual harassment and subsequent fight with suppliers at an industry event (lovely!) which led me to wonder what was the most bizarre case you've had to deal with after a social event gone wrong?


Hopefully yours will be less serious than mine! 

  • Hi Meg - today I have been informed of a company Christmas do that took place on Saturday night and that two indiviudals decided to get into a fight over a "woman"!.

    Whilst the fight occurred actually after the event and away from the place where the dinner was being held both individuals have called in sick today - one with a black eye and the other one with a very badly bruised hand! Both individuals do actually work at different sites but have both been involved with one partiucalar lady who works at one of our other sites! (confusing or what!)

    Normal sickness/absence procedures apply here lol!  The lady in question has apparantly turned up for work today as normal!

    Not sure what happened to the season of good will to all men ha ha!!

  • Hi Meg

    I once got an employee putting in a grievance that he and another member of staff had taken cocaine in the toilets during the party but he had subsequently discovered that it was not cocaine he had sniffed but a "so called legal high", the key ingredient of which was bath salts and he was miffed at his colleague for fooling him.  AS the event was held on company premises and the investigation proved that both of them had in the past consumed drugs on company premises, they both got dismissed at the end of the process. 


  • wow Catherine! totally gobsmacked with that one!

    Reminds me of the drug dealer who rang the police to report that his drugs had been stolen lol 

  • Meg

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    16 Dec, 2014 10:35

    Ha ha Catherine, that one has tickled me!


    I've also had a complaint over a secret santa gift as well.... 

  • Sally Elizabeth

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    16 Dec, 2014 11:51

    Prior to my time in HR - I heard about a complaint regarding our office Christmas party...from residents in the street where the venue was - about a couple 'getting jiggy with it' on a car bonnet in full view of everyone.  Classy. 

    Also had an almost identical situation to Fiona a few years back - two guys fighting over a woman but unfortunately one of them did some serious damage to his hand on glass.

    Nothing so serious since I have worked in HR.  It must be that big stick I carry around with me...... 

  • Lesley

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    16 Dec, 2014 12:21

    Having organised the staff party a few years ago I was a little distressed by the fact that three ambulances were required by the end of the night.

    One for a female colleague who had just returned from maternity leave - made too much use of the free bar (didn't recognise she couldn't handle her drink after the abstinence of her pregnancy) and ended up collapsing in the bathroom and hitting her head. Thankfully she was fine except a very bruised ego.

    Two ambulances for a couple of our offshore colleagues who were visiting for knowledge-transfer and not used to drinking wine - unfortunately they ended up vomiting and passed out in the hallway, so the venue called ambulances for them as well. They were both okay after rehydration and sobering up, but I don't think they'll be going to another UK party in a hurry.

    Another work party I've attended also required an ambulance after a drunk colleague left the venue without paying attention to the traffic, walked straight into the busy road and got hit by a car! Thankfully their drunken state meant they "bounced" and got away with just a broken collar bone and bruises, but it could have been very nasty and I really felt for the driver of the vehicle. I think it was actually worse for those of us who witnessed the accident than the colleague himself who can't remember a thing!!

  • I have just been informed that money was given to certain employees from the board of directors to go out with on Friday night, they got so drunk they couldn't remember anything and even took cocaine.

    This money was given without the MD knowledge as he refused to give money due to us having a Christmas party tomorrow afternoon for everyone that works here.

    We are trying to build a stronger work force and this has just caused a bigger divide!

    God knows where we go from here!

  • Steph

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    22 Dec, 2014 14:25

    @ Catherine:  That has got to go down in the annals of HR history!  Hard to believe that someone would be so stupid as to put in that grievance.



  • Peter Stanway

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    23 Dec, 2014 16:23

    The plonker of the year complained very much later the following year about being given Plonker of the Year award
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