CIPD Text Books - no longer needed


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23 Jul, 2013 17:41


I have several CIPD books that I no longer need.  They're just sitting on the book shelf if anyone is interested in taking them off my hands:


Managing Financial Information - D Davies 

Managing in a Business Context - D Farnham 

Managing People - J Weightman 

Employee Relations - J Gennard & G Judge

People Resourcing - S Taylor

Managing Information and Statistics - R & F Bee 

Managing Activities - M Armstrong

Essentials of Employment Law - D Lewis & M Sargeant 





  • Vicky

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    24 Jul, 2013 08:10

    how much are you wanting for the books Joanne? I am due to start my L5 soon and sure they will come in use.

    Thank you

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