Employer survey on the benefits of supporting carers at work


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4 Jan, 2013 14:22


Employers for Carers is a growing forum and service for employers seeking to develop carer friendly policy and practice and retain skilled workers. We define carers as: ‘Employees with significant caring responsibilities that have a substantial impact on their working lives. These employees are responsible for the care and support of disabled, elderly or sick partners, relatives or friends who are unable to provide all the care they need for themselves.'


Please could you respond to the short survey below which takes only 5 minutes to complete. We will not share this information with anyone else without your prior consent (or you can reply anonymously if you wish). This survey will close on Monday, 31 December 2012. The survey can also be completed online: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/efcemployersurvey


Why does this matter now?
Most people's lives will include at least one episode of caring. Already 1 in 7 in your workforce will be caring for an older, sick or disabled family member or friend. But with the number of carers in the UK due to rise  from 6 to 9 million over the next 30 years, those carers in your workforce are also going to increase significantly.


Employers are increasingly recognising caring as a key issue for workforce retention, recruitment and resilience.  In the current challenging economic climate, understanding why this matters for business has never been so important. To help understand these issues, we want to gather more information on the business benefits of supporting carers in the workplace and would be most grateful if you could respond to the short survey overleaf.

Who is this survey for?
This survey is for companies and organisations of all sizes in all sectors. It can be completed by an MD, an HR professional or an owner manager as appropriate.  

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