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I am in the process of putting a gannt chart for a retail business that is failing on all fronts including on the HR service delivery front...what do you suggest should be on the gannt chart to turn this flagging business around. So far I have got a Change Agent as the Project Manager, the Unions on board and Performance Management pilots.....
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    17 Jul, 2013 13:49

    I am a little confused (not unusual)

    A Gannt chart is simply a way of recording in a "pretty" way the various stages in a project to ensure that (among other things) interdependencies are covered off, key steps are taken and a realistic time farme is adopted. It is not (usually) a magic wand to solve all the worlds ills.

    So with your retail business (BTW is it real or an asignment?) what is the underlying cause of their problems? What have you identified as the 3/4 big ticket items that need to change?

    When you have these you can them "process" it through a gnatt chart.

    People things might include...

    • Poor quality of management, lacking retail discipline and skills

    • Poor training of management and staff

    • General low motivation and engagement fo staff and managers

    • Inappropriate or poorly designed incentives

    • Cultural mismatch between staff and business

    • High turn over of staff

    • Low quality of staff

    • Retail units in hard to recruit locations

    • Business model results in low wages and vicious circle develops

    • etc etc etc

    Recruiting a "change agent" is unlikely to be on the agenda especially as a PM - PMs tend to have a slightly different skill set. The Uniosn may need to eb on board or they may not depending on what your core issues are. Why have you identified performance management pilots - its stepping to a tool ...

    So I would go back to basics and say in your real/notional retail business what is the fundamental issues you face - so the first items on your gnatt chart may be all about internal diagnosis of the issues and then drawing up a plan

  • Keith

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    17 Jul, 2013 13:50

    In reply to Keith:

    BTW welcome to the communities
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