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22 Jul, 2013 10:50

I'm currently considering whether the ISO 9001 would be appropriate for implementing within my organisation.  I would welcome any feedback from those of you that have implemented this standard within their organisation.  I am hoping to get an idea of the volume of work involved and the benefits observed once the standard is embedded within the organisation.  Many thanks.

  • Sam

    We have all 3, 9001/14001/18001 in place, works well, gives the company a defence in court that you have systems in place to ensure you are compliant and you have checks mechanisms and audit plans and  trails in place. 

    A lot of work to do at first, check all policies, departmental operating procedures, forms are fit for purpose.  After that  it runs   quite easier, you will need to get some staff trained up as internal audits,  numbers depend on size of company and how many procedure's that will need to be audited.   

    Drop me your email via PM and I will email our interrogated management system which covers all three, although you need only look at 9001, it will give you a idea what is covered.



  • Keith

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    22 Jul, 2013 13:34


     For me (and will be open and say I am not a huge fan) it depends on what business issue or problem you are wanting to address by going for these? Are your clients crying out for them (if you are B2B)? Have you identified some issue that they may solve for you to make the investment in time and resources worthwhile?

    Have seen them work (occasionally) but too often they become a massive exercise that adds far too little value.

    Good luck


  • Sam

    Agree with Keith, it can become a complete pain when you are getting hassled for Audits, it works well for us within a safety critical environment with 39K customers per day, it is 14001/18001 that are invaluable to us, to ensure compliance with legislation

    All depends  in your business issue as stated by Keith



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